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mastergeneral: minor fixes to the language in the README.Michael Hope8 months
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2016-08-25general: minor fixes to the language in the README.HEADmasterMichael Hope
2016-07-03build: switch to the riscv backend as the C one is broken.Michael Hope
2016-06-06docs: added a README.Michael Hope
2016-06-06driver: added a basic compiler driver.Michael Hope
2016-06-06codegen: sink output to a stream instead of stdout.Michael Hope
2016-05-31codegen: added a RISC-V generator (currently actually C).Michael Hope
2016-05-31ir: split the blocks in a program out into a list.Michael Hope
2016-05-31lex: changed to the ReprMixin.Michael Hope
2016-05-31util: split Node out into a utility class.Michael Hope
2016-05-29general: ran pylint and tidied up.Michael Hope