Mini Xplus as a Server

Random, incomplete notes on using a Miniand Tech Mini Xplus H24 as a server machine. v2 I’ve soldered up a serial port so doing things from scratch is much easier.


I’d like to set up clean auto builds of my personal projects and some upstream projects like crosstool-ng, gcc, and binutils. Clean install I’d like the build to run in a clean setup so the base system can be used for general development without affecting the build results.

C++11 abuse

Using the new features in C++11 and the GCC extensions in anger.

Running Ubuntu armel cloud instances manually

Documentation: The image itself: This is the plain QCOW2 image. The normal one includes OMAP3/4(?) kernel but I’ll use the vexpress-a9 Linaro hwpack instead. michaelh@crucis:~/linaro/tests/qemu/img$ qemu-img info oneiric-server-cloudimg-armel-disk1.img image: oneiric-server-cloudimg-armel-disk1.