Welcome to Blue Duck Valley Road

This page is more of an archive than an active page - Ethan and Amy have taken care of that.

I'm a software engineer from Christchurch, New Zealand now in Zürich, Switzerland.

I'm currently a manager and recovering TPM in SRE at Google in Zürich and before that led the Linaro Toolchain Working Group on GCC, GDB, QEMU, and everything else developer related.

My company is Seabright Technology and I'm up on Linkedin. Some professional history is in my cv. There's even a blog which is mirrored up on G+.

Some things I've hacked on:

  • SDCC, the Small Device C Compiler, which can target the Intel mcs51, Zilog Z80, Nintendo Gameboy, Intel i186, Amtel AVR, and Microchip PIC series.
  • Reattore, an experiment in development methods that also happens to be a single threaded, non-blocking Java HTTP server experiment.
  • Jaune, a compiler and set of libraries that can be used to write programs in the Java language for small devices. Includes a basic set of class libraries, garbage collector, and set of examples that can be run on the Nintendo GameBoy.
  • Janszoon, a simple GPS client for the Palm with location and trip information.
  • GBTS, the Gameboy Terminal server.
  • pcemu, a portable XT level PC Emulator.
  • GBDK, the Gameboy development kit.

Older stuff is under ancient.

Infrequent notes are under diary. Source is at /src/.


Michael Hope michaelh@juju.net.nz